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  • Committed to Environmental Change


    We are committed to always pushing, provoking, learning and supporting innovation.

    Our partnership with our clients is built on trust, honesty and reliability. Being underpinned by our innovative Debt Protection Insurance and expertise ensures that our clients are always at the forefront of their industry.


    By providing a financial guarantee to technologies with a limited track record, we are supporting these technologies to grow and provide clean and renewable energy solutions and reduce carbon emissions. We’re Committed to Innovation, Progress and our Environment

  • What is DPI®

    Debt Protection Insurance (DPI®) is a competitive solution that provides an opportunity for a third party to guarantee the operational risk of a process. It protects the total project investment against the reduction of revenues caused by an unexpected drop in operational hours.


    DPI® transfers this operational risk to an, a A-rated third party and provides comprehensive coverage of up to $50M per project. With well defined insured events, a single premium and non-cancellable 10-year term, DPI® provide a project developer with unrivalled financial protection.


    DPI® will;

    • Support efficient project financing.
    • Speed up financial close. 
    • Reduce Debt Service Cover Ratio (DSCR) to an acceptable level to the lender.
    • Protect investors risk. 
    • Enhance a projects' credit rating.
    • Enable project sponsors to access higher levels of debt finance up to 80% LTV.
    • Reduce the cost of debt.
    • Increase developers shareholding.
    • Increase exit value.

  •  DPI® Pre-Accreditation Service

    A pre-accreditation desktop service is available through Allied Project Service that enables a project developer to understand if their project is ready for financing with the additional support provided by DPI®.


    Allied also provides direct access to lenders through their pre-accreditation service.

    Allied Project Services Ltd, are the exclusive consultant engaged carry out the required due diligence for DPI®.

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  • Starting the DPI® Process

    Prepare your Project for due diligence


    Contact us to discuss your project or technology requirements

    Pre Accreditation Service


    Use our pre-accredition service to carry out a Health Check on your project.

    Get DPI®

    Approval for your Project

    Obtain DPI® approval and a term sheet.


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: What is Debt Protection Insurance (DPI®)?

    Debt Protection Insurance (DPI®) is a policy of insurance issued by an A-rated insurer that guarantees the uncertainties of process availability subject to an agreed process of due diligence.


    Q2: What do you get from a DPI® policy?

    1. A 10-year, non-cancellable policy Issued by an A-rated insurer

    2. Up to USD50m cover

    3. Competitive terms


    Q3. What are the principal benefits of DPI®

    1. The ability to insure pre-agreed expected revenue to support initial financing, refinancing and the financing of retrofits.

    2. Access to a broader lender base.

    3. An enhanced project credit rating.

    4. Lower debt cost and/or an increased debt to equity ratio

    5. It provides lenders with the security of guaranteeing their Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR).

    6. Reduced operational and maintenance costs


    Q4. Who is DPI® for;

    Debt Protection Insurance is purchased by the Project Owner but also provides benefit to both debt and equity providers.


    Q5. Who should be interested in DPI® ?

    1. Any project developers with a manufacturing process, Renewable Energy, Energy and Power, Biofuels, Plastic to Fuel.

    2. Equity and Debt providers

    3. Infrastructure funds

    4. Insurance Brokers and Professional Advisors


    Q6. Can I buy Debt Protection Insurance (DPI®) through my insurance broker?YES! Contact your insurance broker to request a quote.


    Q7: Who carries out the due-diligence?

    Due-diligence is undertaken by Allied Project Services Ltd (Allied) who are exclusively appointed to carry out due diligence on behalf of the insurer


    Q8: Why is the due-diligence process for Debt Protection Insurance (DPI®) exclusive to Allied?

    Allieds' team were involved in discussions and have supported this insurance product for many years. The agreed due diligence process proposed by Allied was agreed and accepted by the insurance underwriters as the only procedure that enables them to adequately assess risk.


    Q9: I have already engaged consultants to carry out technology and project feasibility reports, can I use these?

    YES! But, underwriters require Allied to validate these and issue their own report to gain access to Debt Protection Insurance (DPI®). Their due diligence will take into consideration any validated information and evidence used in your own consultants' reports that would expedite completion of the final report.


    Q10: How much does the due-diligence cost and how long does it take?

    The cost and the period of required due-diligence will depend on the maturity of the project and/or the technology. For further information visit Allieds' web site


    Q11: Will your due-diligence reduce the need for any other due-diligence requirements and insurances?

    Due diligence is required by all the parties involved in a project, including the contractors for project delivery, operations and management contractor, equity and debt providers, according to their individual requirements. However, we strive to bring added value to our process and work with all parties to integrate, as far as possible, the due-diligence carried out.


    Debt Protection Insurance (DPI®) DOES NOT replace any other insurance that may be required. For further information and details please contact us or your own insurance broker.


    We are always pleased to answer any other questions which are not shown here. Contact us for more information

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